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Make a booking enquiry for 5 - 7 nights

We've made some biggish changes in 2022 to be able to juggle our responsibilities and keep the Rough Track open to guests. We've structured our weeks to clean on a Thursday, so now you can book a minimum of five nights and a maximum of seven. 


You can request five-nights starting from a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Because we've made the day rate cheaper this year, we are no longer able to offer other discounts. 

Five nights is $850 (it breaks down to $170 a night). Of course, you can stay for fewer nights at the five-night rate. This just means your cost per night goes up.

Seven nights is the best value at $1050, with the day rate coming in at just $150. Seven-night retreats start on and end on a Thursday. 

Regardless of how long you stay, the cleaning fee is a flat $90 and includes firewood.


To ask about stays longer than seven nights, send us an enquiry

The best holiday for these crazy times

COVID-19 has played merry hell with so many holiday plans, and Lord knows we all need some calm time out from the daily chaos of the last couple of years.

Rough Track Cabins is the perfect place to take a safe and responsible break from home, while minimising COVID risks to you and yours. You can restore your equanimity by listening to the natural quiet of the bush, walking the tracks in the fresh air and sinking in to a good book by the fire. 

Once you are here, you needn’t see another soul, apart from the birds, but if you want to go spend some of your hard-earned with our local businesses, we encourage that. Just make sure you are observing the protocols to keep yourself and our vulnerable locals safe. 

Cancellation policy

Our refund policy for 2022 is that guests get a full refund, if they cancel four days before check-in. 

If guests need to cancel in the four days before their stay, they can choose between a refund of 50% of the total tariff or take a rain check to come to stay for the equivalent number of nights with us at another available time.

Vaccination policy

We ask all our guests to show provide proof that they have been double vaxxed before they arrive, or alternatively, proof of exemption.