When you stay at Rough Track Cabins, you are surrounded by magnificent Blue Mountains walks.  Here's a few of our favourites.
The hundred year old Grand Canyon Track was upgraded by National Parks just last year. It's a beautiful grade 3 track (lots of steps!) that drops way down from the cliffs into the rainforest. You'll follow the creek along the bottom, and you'll walk through rocky overhangs, a cave tunnel and a waterfall. There's good places to stop for a picnic down the bottom. 
Pack enough scroggin, because it's a steep climb both down and up again. 
The Grand Canyon Walk is a 6.3 km round trip from Evans Lookout to the Neates Glen car park, which will take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on your fitness and how many times you stop to ooh and ah.
Check out Heath Killen's beautiful work Our Grand Canyon, which explores the cultural significance of this historic walking track and find the National Parks info HERE



This is a brilliant winter morning walk, because the easterly sun warms you all the way along the cliff top from Evans Lookout to Govetts Leap and back again. Pack your lunch so you can have a picnic in the sun at Govetts Leap, where you get a brilliant view right down the barrel of the Grose Valley.
Govetts Leap is the best spot in the Blue Mountains to watch the sunrise, and it's the place where the Blackheath Howlers gather every lunar month to catch up over wine and cheese and watch the full moon rise. 
The Clifftop Walk is 6km return, so allow 3 hours or so.
Get the National Parks info HERE
This is another great walk to do on a chilly morning, because you are on the clifftop where you'll get the sun. There's lots of places to stop and look out for different views of the Grose Valley.
At Pulpit Rock there's a staircase you take to drop down below the cliff line for a sense of how wide the valley is. From there you get a great view back at the waterfall, aka The Leap. 
This is a there-and-back-again walk, which will probably take around 5-6 hours. Go well equipped and don't start too late.
It's currently closed because of damage to the tracks but you can check for updated National Parks information HERE.  




The walks we are recommending here are popular day walks on well-maintained tracks. Even so, it's important to be prepared. Here's what we recommend. 



  • Check the weather forecast. In the mountains the weather is very changeable. 


  • Wear layers and take a hat. 


  • It's best to walk with another person - three people is the ideal - but if you are walking alone, borrow a PLB  (Personal Location Beacon) from the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre above Govetts Leap.  Best insurance against misadventure, and it's free. 


  • Take plenty of water and food. We reckon it's worth packing a thermos on a chilly day. 

We should go forth on the shortest walk, perchance, in the spirit of undying adventure.


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